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Aloha Bubbles

Aloha Bubbles, giant soap bubbles for all ages! Share a little Aloha and enjoy blowing bubbles with your love ones and future friends! Our products are proudly made in the USA (Big Island, Hawaii). The ingredients are safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The special Giant Bubble Concentrate and Rainbow Activator adds vibrant colors, bubble boost, strength, and more elasticity. This allows a manageable bubble blowing experience to play games and do many tricks. We offer complete kits including giant bubble concentrate and bubble wands or individual items. The unique 2-handle bubble wand design allows optimum bubble blowing control. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW... Amazing!" This toy will bring joy and laughter to everyone. Perfect for outdoor play and special occasions, birthday parties, weddings or gifts for all ages. Excellent for the backyard, parks, or beaches. Teachers can also use giant bubbles for a fun educational experience. Our focus is to offer an affordable premium product. After many years of (fun) experiments, we are thrilled to present the BEST GIANT BUBBLE EXPERIENCE.

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