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Kona King Coffee & Shave Ice

Kona King is a family owned, 100% Kona coffee farm. Our coffee farm is organically managed and we own the whole process, from picking to pulping, drying to hulling, sorting to roasting to bagging. We use only OMRI certified fungicides and fertilizers. Our organically fed free range chickens add nitrogen to the soil and produce beautiful multi-colored eggs in the process. In addition to our eggs and coffee we also sell, seasonally, avocado, bananas (apple, cuban, red, plantain & ornamental), heliconia, limes, lychee, mandarin oranges, mango, papaya, pumpkin, torch ginger, tangelos and various potted herbs. We also chip and shred these prunings to fertilize our soil. For a much less healthy option our kids sell Hawaiian shave ice loaded with (organic) sugars!

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