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Hawai'i Soap Company

Hawai'i Soap Company creates and sells handcrafted soaps and related skin care products. Owned and operated by a pharmacist, Hawai'i Soap Company formulates its products to treat your skin to a healthy and luxurious experience. Each unique and colorful bar of artisan soap contains a blend of oils and fragrances designed to evoke the tropical sensations of the Hawaiian Islands. Many of our soaps and skin creams contain locally sourced ingredients including organic Hawaiian honey, beeswax, cacao, sandalwood and more. Locally grown Hawaiian botanicals are often incorporated to nurture and promote the remedies known and still utilized in Hawaiian culture.

Hawai'i Soap Company's owner, Betty W. Baker has been making handcrafted soaps for over 20 years and incorporated Hawai'i Soap Company in 2014. Betty worked for over 40 years as a pharmacist, with over 15 years of pharmacy experience in Big Island retail pharmacies where she was trusted by many loyal customers. Betty's pharmacy background allowed her to transfer her therapeutic knowledge to the world of skin care products, while also nurturing her creative side.

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