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South Kona Silver LLC

Welcome to South Kona Silver LLC, where each piece is a reflection of the beauty and spirit of Hawaii and nature's elements. Owned and operated by myself, Destiney, a self-taught metal smith based in Kona, my small business specializes in crafting unique jewelry, primarily in sterling silver with occasional accents in 14 karat gold filled. With a passion for the ocean and a love for the elements of nature, every item is carefully handmade, ensuring durability and safety for wear in water and throughout life’s adventures.

While my collection predominantly features rings that I call “story tellers”, I’m also always offering a variety of unique pieces inspired by the hues of the ocean, the majesty of the mountains, serenity of the sky, sun, moon and the stars, and the intricate beauty of Hawaii's flora and fauna.

Each handcrafted piece is a testament to my dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and the celebration of this Earth's natural wonders. Whether you're seeking a timeless keepsake or a meaningful gift infused with aloha spirit, explore my collection and let the magic of Hawaii adorn your journey.

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