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Hawaiian Goodness

Hawaiian Goodness LLC is a boutique preserved fruit company specializing in gourmet dehydrated fruit, fruit leathers and many other preserved fruit products using primarily sustainable and locally grown produce.

Jane Tai, founder, creator and head "alchemist" of Hawaiian Goodness, is not only certified by the Hawai'i Master Food Preservers (HMFP) program, she is also now the current vice president as well as one of the primary teachers of how to preserve food safely and the science behind it.

At Hawaiian Goodness, Jane (and her assistant Nicole Tai, also an HMFP graduate) use their knowledge of fruits, flavor combinations and food safety to conjure up dehydrated fruit recipes in unique island flavors with a local flair. Their aim is to educate the public and support small farms in the local agricultural industry by showcasing a variety of tropical and exotic fruits through fun and healthy value-added products.

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